36 Slots available for PACK BUSTERS 2013 Topps Football


Rules are as follows:

1 slot for every pack available

Buy as many slots as you like

When all slots full Packs will be shuffled and #'d

We will Randomize to assign numbered Packs.

You keep all the cards in the packs you get.


2013 Topps Football 


  • 36 Packs Per Box, 10 Cards Per Pack
  • One Auto or Relic per box
  • Look for RC of
    • Travis Kelce

    • DeAndre Hokins

    • Zach Ertz

    • Le’Veon Bell

    • Keenan Allen



- 1965 Tall Boy Rookie HARD-SIGNED Autographs!
- 1986 Topps Rookie HARD-SIGNED Autographs!
- 1959 Topps Rookie HARD-SIGNED Autographs!
- NFLPA Rookie Premiere HARD-SIGNED VIP PASS Autographs!
- NFLPA Rookie Premiere HARD-SIGNED Autographs!


- Gridiron Legends
- Legends in the Making
- Future Legends
- 1,000-Yard Club
- 4,000-Yard Club
- 1959 Topps Minis

Key Rookies: Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Ryan Nassib, Mike Glennon, Tyler Wilson, Manti Te'o, Dee Milliner, Cierre Wood, Collin Klein, Tyler Bray, Eddie Lacy, Tyler Eifert, Kenny Vaccaro, Theo Riddick, Jarvis Jones, E.J. Manuel, Ryan Swope, Cordarrelle Patterson.



Legendary Achievement Medals:

Up to 30 legends are distinguished with "Medals of Honor" for their legendary accomplishments on the field.

- Bronze - #'d to 75
- Silver - #'d to 50
- Gold - #'d to 25

Gridiron Legends Busts:

Up to 30 legends have their likeness immortalized with sculpted busts depicting their head and shoulders on a bronze plaque.

- Bronze - #'d to 75
- Silver - #'d to 50
- Gold - #'d to 25

Gridiron Legends Rings:

Up to 30 legends are honored with rings to celebrate their elite NFL careers.

- Bronze - #'d to 75
- Silver - #'d to 50
- Gold - #'d to 25

Legendary Club:

Up to 30 legendary WRs, RBs and QBs that have reached the 1,000- or 4,000-yard milestone multiple times in their career are featured on double-sided coins.

- Bronze - #'d to 75
- Silver - #'d to 50
- Gold - #'d to 25

Legendary Moments:

Up to 30 legendary subjects have the most unforgettable moments in their career captured with a replica filmstrip. #'d to 99.

Legendary Captain's Patches:

Up to 30 legendary subjects are celebrated with commemorative Captain's patches. Seq #'d to 99

Truly Legendary Autographs:

"Truly Legendary" Features beautifully designed cards & includes Gridiron Legends who have forever left their markS in the history books.

- Silver Foil - #'d to 50
- Rainbow Silver Foil - #'d to 25
- Gold Foil - #'d to 10


VETERANS: 265 cards of the NFL's most prominent players

Veteran Base Card Variations: Image variations themed by 2012's legendary plays, games and milestones Limited!

ROOKIES: Topps welcomes 110 rookies to the NFL with their 1st Year cards

Rookie Base Card Variations: Limited!

ALL-PRO: Featuring 27 First-Team All-Pros

TEAM CARDS: 32 cards capturing 2012's top moments from every NFL team.

NFLPA Rookie Premiere: Group shot of the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premiere Class.

Super Bowl Champions: Celebration shot of the Super Bowl XLVII Champion Baltimore Ravens.

League MVP & OFFENSIVE POY: 2012 NFL MVP & Offensive Player Of The Year, Adrian Peterson

Defensive POY: 2012 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, J.J. Watt

Rookies of the Year: 2012 NFL Rookies of the Year, Robert Griffin III and Luke Kuechly



Collect the entire set of 110 rookies to be eligible to win a trip to the 2014 NFLPA Rookie Premiere! Seq #'d to 99.

- Gold-Bordered Parallel Seq #'d to 2013.
- BCA-Bordered Parallel Seq #'d to 399.
- Military-Bordered Parallel Seq #'d to 399.
- Black-Bordered Parallel Seq #'d to 58. HOBBY ONLY
- Platinum Foil Parallel Seq #'d 1/1.
- Base Card Printing Plates #'d 1/1 HOBBY ONLY


Gridiron Legends: Features the greatest Hall of Famers (1:6 packs)

Legends in the Making: Features NFL superstars destined to become the next generation of Hall of Famers. (1:6 packs)

Future Legends: Features Rookies and young superstars who have made or will soon be making legendary debuts in the NFL (1:4 packs)

1,000-Yard Club: Features running backs & wide receivers from the 2012 season who hit the 1,000-yard milestone. (1:4 packs)

4,000-Yard Club: Features quarterbacks from the 2012 season who hit the 4,000-yard passing milestone. (1:6 packs).

1959 Topps Minis: Features a blend of the greatest NFL players of all time, current and retired, on the classic 1959 Topps design. (1:3 packs)


Topps Autographs: Up to 50 subjects. Featuring rookies and veterans.

Topps Relics: Up to 50 subjects. Featuring rookies and veterans.

Topps Jumbo Relics: HOBBY ONLY. Seq #'d to 20

Topps Autographed Relics: HOBBY ONLY. Seq #'d to 50.

Topps Autograph Patch : Seq #'d to 50.

In The Name Relics: HOBBY ONLY

Letters and cloth backing from the nameplate of a veteran jersey. Each card will be seq #'d 1/1.

Base Veteran Autographs: NEW!

Base Veteran Variation Autographs: NEW!

Base Rookie Autographs

Base Rookie Variation Autographs: NEW!

Rookie Patch: 1 PER HTA BOX - HOBBY ONLY

Rookie Autograph Patch: HOBBY ONLY

Rookie Autograph Jumbo Patch: HOBBY OLY

In The Name Autograph Relics: HOBBY ONLY

Letters and cloth backing from up to 40 NFLPA Rookie Premiere players with an autograph on each letter. Each card will be seq #'d 1/1.


NFLPA Rookie Premiere Autograph Cards: Up to 40 Subjects #'d to 90.

Rookie Premiere Autographs RED Ink - #'d to 10.

NFLPA Rookie Premiere Dual Autograph Cards: Up to 5 cards featuring 2 rookie signatures #'d to 25.

Rookie Premiere Dual Autographs RED Ink - #'d to 5

NFLPA Rookie Premiere Quad Autograph Card: 1 card featuring the 4 most collectible rookies #'d to 10.

Ultimate Rookie Autograph Card: Multi-panel autograph book card featuring all of the subjects from the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premiere #'d to 5.

1986 Topps Rookie Autograph Cards: Top rookies in the iconic '86 design featuring HARD-SIGNED autographs. Seq #'d to 200. NEW!

1965 Topps Mini Rookie Autograph Cards: Featuring the top rookie subjects on the retro Tall Boy design with HARD-SIGNED autographs. Seq #'d to 150.

1959 Topps Rookie Autograph Cards: Top rookie subjects on the '59 design with HARD-SIGNED autographs. Seq #'d to 150. NEW!

NFLPA Rookie Premiere Autographed VIP Pass: HOBBY ONLY

Replica VIP NFLPA Rookie Premiere passes featuring a head-shot player image and a HARD-SIGNED autograph. Seq #'d 1/1. NEW!


NFL Captain's Patch:

Features the most collectible captains from every NFL team with BCA and Military Captain's Patches.

- Military - #'d to 99
- BCA - #'d to 99

2012 Topps Al-Star Rookies:

Up to 15 players will be chosen as the best of their class and recognized with manufactured trophies.

2012 Topps Al-Pro Team:

Up to 22 players will be chosen as the best of the best from the 2012 NFL season and honored with manufactured awards.


PACK BUSTER 2013 Topps Football Hobby 36 Slots

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